About CIHT Conference

First Crikvenica International Health Tourism Conference was held in 2013 in Thalassotherapia Crikvenica to mark the 125th anniversary of tourism in Crikvenica.

It’s a two-day conference which gathers together respectable local and foreign lecturers and participants from the fields of medicine, tourism and economy, all with the aim to introduce the new trends in tourism and medicine. This is the fifth time that the conference will be held in Crikvenica, and it’s the result of a successful cooperation between the Tourist Board of Crikvenica, Thalassotherapia Crikvenica and Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster.

This year’s 5th Crikvenica International Tourism Conference will be held 16th and 17th of November in Hotel Omorika in Crikvenica.

Lectures will be held on the first day of the Conference (16th November ), while on the second day (17th November) a B2B workshop will be organized with the purpose to achieve business contacts between local and foreign participants, to exchange experiences and to form a cooperation. On the same day, a visiting of the health institutions in the Kvarner region is organized in order to present a health offer of our county.

CIHT Conference contributes to the implementation of current theoretical knowledge, cognitions and trends to practice and emphasizes the strategic importance and the importance of the medical tourism development in Croatia which, thanks to a very favorable climate, preserved natural healing factors and a number of reputable health institutions, has a long tradition in health tourism.

The Conference is attended by more than 150 national and foreign medical tourism experts who are in management positions of the big health tourism institutions and companies.