Claudia Mika

Founder and CEO of Temos International

Dr. Claudia Mika is the Founder and CEO of Temos International GmbH, a spin-off of a German governmental research organization.

Since 2004 she has been working on the Temos accreditation systems, assessing hospitals, rehabilitation centers, reproductive care centers, and dental clinics worldwide according to the Temos International Healthcare Accreditation (TIHA) standards that were developed together with leading travel health insurances and assistance companies. In 2002, Dr. Mika received the “Young Researcher Award” of the European Space Agency, in 2011 she was awarded the “High Potential Company Award”, funded by the European Union. Since 2013 Dr. Mika has been appointed to be one of the judges for the International Medical Travel Awards, an independent and objective set of awards for the medical travel and tourism industry.

Since January 2014 she is the Vice Chairwoman of the Diplomatic Council Healthcare Forum. In 2017 Dr. Mika was awarded the Dr. Sanjiv Malik Lifetime Award for her significant contribution to the development of medical travel and medical tourism over many years. For the 2018 Dubai Health Tourism Forum she was appointed as a member of the Scientific Board by Dubai Health Authorities. In 2018 Dr. Mika was appointed as a member of the Governing Board of Swiss Approval International Certification Body.

Presentation titie: Accreditation in healthcare organizations: nice to have or mandatory?

Patients seeking for medical treatment worldwide must rely on the adherence of the medical service provider to ethics, quality and the understanding of service needs as well as the assurance of the “continuum of care” starting with the preparation of the patient’s admission and not ending once the patient is discharged.

Accreditation is the process of external, outside experts to conduct a review of the hospital or clinic to validate existing quality, patient safety and other applicable standards and to improve the medical and non-clinical services provided to patients and accompanying persons. International accreditation bodies offer respective programs for hospitals and clinics conducting some type of review of the organization’s policies, procedures and other quality documentation to measure compliance with a set of accreditation standards provided by the accreditation body.

The presentation will address the following topics:

  • International understanding of quality and quality management in healthcare
  • Importance of accreditation systems for:

Quality in healthcare – Patient experience – Marketing

  • What is the impact of accreditation on quality of provided services?

The presentation also explains respective roles and responsibilities to ensure high-quality services from medical service providers’ side and to support transparency, ethics, patient safety, and continuity of care for patients worldwide. And finally, the presentation will refer again to the title and its question if accreditation in healthcare organizations is nice to have or mandatory.