Dariusz Matosiuk

Vice-Rector for science at the Medical University of Lublin

Prof. dr hab. Dariusz MATOSIUK, Master in Organic Chemistry received at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in 1982. Same year he started academic career in Department of Synthesis and Chemical Technology of Pharmaceutical Substances, Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical University of Lublin. His PhD thesis were commissioned in 1990 and habilitation defended in 2003. From 2013 he is a full professor. Since 2012 he is serving position of Vice Rector for Science at Medical University of Lublin. He specialize in medicinal chemistry especially of the central nervous system (pain, depression, schizophrenia) and anticancer agents. Author of over 100 scientific publications with over 1200 citations, Hirsch Index 14. Author of 40 patents and more than 300 conference presentations. Promotor of 9 PhD thesis and one habilitation. Co-founder of the Polish Society of Medicinal Chemistry. Co-organizer of the series of Joint Meetings on Medicinal Chemistry conferences (1999-2019) and organizer of the Polish Colloquium on Medicinal Chemistry held in Lublin since 2008.

Presentation title: Development of international cooperation in the Lublin Medicine Cluster in the field of scientific research and innovation in medicine, health and education.


Lublin Medical Cluster was established by joint action of the City of Lublin Board and Medical University of Lublin. Two institutions with different goals but similar understanding of such Institution possible achievements and role for the city of Lublin and the whole region. Main goal of the City was consolidation of the life science institutions in a broad range of activities. It was concise with the main “smart specialization” of the Lublin’ region – Medicine and Health. It is also concise with activity of not only the City Board but also other government and local administration representatives (voivodship governor and marshal). For Medical University main interest was focused on the field of healthcare especially on scientific development and society education, sophisticated equipment and prophylactics. For the Cluster it is even further extended toward broadly understood health promotion around the concept of the healthy society and rehabilitation. In my speech I would like to present results of the Cluster co-operation of both City and University in realising programs on local and international level, especially from the University point of view. Programs resulting in new, innovative methodologies for the treatment of social diseases or guidance to help in building environment for life sciences development. Innovations technical and technological as well as organizational and social.

Together with 17 partners from 8 EU countries we participate in project ProvaHealth – Product Validation in Health, co-financed from European Found for Regional Development. Lublin is one of fourteenth “Live Laboratories” developing in the region of the Baltic See. Our University is dedicated to didactics – modular medicine education system we introduced 3 years ego is innovative in a scale of whole Poland. Same as programs of use of robots in cardiology or neurology developed together with help of small robotic firm from Lublin and Polytechnical University of Munich. Due to our tradition certain clinical specialization are developing faster – cardiology, ophthalmology, oncology especially hematooncology, low invasive surgery or functional foods. I hope that my speech would result in fruitful discussion on the further development pathways especially in the field of society activation and education. Polish society is ageing same as other European countries and developing new ideas in healthcare especially for elderly is necessary. We would like to develop new fields eg. “sport medicine”, inseparably merged with rehabilitation, in process of which we would be grateful for international expertise and support.