Dorotea Bralić, MA

Quality and Corporate Communication Manager at Rident Polyclinic

Dorotea obtained a Master’s degree in Communication from the Florida State University. She joined the Rident team in 2019 as Head of Quality and Corporate Communications. In her role of quality coordinator she reviewed and prepared the documentation for Rident’s quality management certification, while also supporting the efforts of the marketing and sales team.

Her previous work experience include PR and protocol management for the regional authorities, a PR agency client management ranging from copywriting and media relations to event management and corporate communications. Having spent a number of years in this field, she built an expertise in the field of marketing and sales of health services, as well as in the field of quality management in the health industry.

Presentation title: Rident: Dental Tourism Development and New Challenges

Rident was established in 2003 in Rijeka by Željko Miljanić, DMD. He entered private dental practice in 1991 and then built his dental group with six partners, arriving at the current number of close to 200 employees.

Rident’s interdisciplinary team of doctors and specialists in dental medicine, dental assistants and technicians, along with radiology engineers today offer up-to-date dental services on two locations, comprising a total of 38 offices, 2 radiology departments, 2 oral surgery departments and 3 dental laboratories.

Rident is the largest dental medical centre in the region, and is basing the growth on dental tourism through close cooperation with travel and transportation agencies from northern and central Italy.

The current pandemic has not bypassed Rident, but it is managing its way through. At the same time, workforce projections show a deficit of dental doctors, assistants and technicians throughout Europe.