Doug Lansky

Doug Lansky is a tourism development thought leader who advises destinations and tourism companies around the world on strategic branding, marketing issues, visitor experience, industry trends and sustainability.  Doug has a background as a travel journalist and editor with 20 years of experience writing for publications that range from National Geographic Traveler to The Guardian to Skift, and has traveled to over 100 countries.

Presentation title: Successful Tourism


Doug takes a closer look at what it means to be successful with tourism. Is just more visitors? Or should we be looking at profit, sustainability, quality, and making sure the quality of life is high for locals?  Too often we neglect what is truly important our our race to just get more tourists. Doug will take us on a fast-paced visual journey and get us to rethink how we look at tourism in the process.

Workshop I title: Destination Development Lab


Destination development is one of the most important aspects of creating a unique selling proposition and staying relevant. This Destination Development Lab will break down the process and show how to create new brand-aligned attractions, how to use these new products to increase visitor spending, and how to make any product relevant (and profitable) for ALL the stakeholders in the area.

Workshop II title: Creative Problem Solving


When it comes to tough tourism issues, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Hotels, restaurants, attractions, tours… entire destinations are typically experiencing many of the very same problems around the world. So, in addition to Doug’s expertise, he’ll help tap your best resource: your fellow stakeholders. Everyone will get a chance to share issues and offer solutions. From dealing with guest complaints before they end up on TripAdvisor to new and creative customer service communication tricks, Doug will help steer the conversation to cover a wide range of issues and offer useful takeaways that are most relevant to your stakeholders. Once the program is over, they’ll be in an ideal position to continue to use each other as a resource going forward.