Elizabeth Ziemba

President and Founder of Medical Tourism Training

President and founder of Medical Tourism Training, Elizabeth Ziemba delivers consulting, training, assessment and accreditation services for clients in the wellness, health, medical and hospitality sectors with innovative, practical and evidence-based solutions for business and economic growth. Ms. Ziemba helps clients build strong organizations ready to compete globally, including governments, medical and dental providers, associations, facilitators, hotels, resorts and spas with a unique combination of education, experience and international best business practices. Consulting projects include national medical tourism roadmaps, national & provider marketing plans, strategic planning, cluster development and more. She has a Juris Doctor degree and a master’s degree in international public health.

Presentation title: Redesigning Your Health Travel Experience: The Impact of Consumerism, COVID, & Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed what people demand from wellness, health, and medical services providers. Combined with the pre-COVID consumer trends, the new “health traveller” demands that quality remains high and prices stay affordable but that is not enough. Thanks to COVID, all service providers must demonstrate extremely high levels of hygienic safety, ease of access and increased use of technology. Examples, case studies and experience identify the most important issues for health travellers and demonstrate approaches to winning back customers.