Elizabeth Ziemba, JD, MPH

President & Founder, Medical Tourism Training

Elizabeth Ziemba, JD, MPH, is a pioneer in health travel as President & Founder of Medical Tourism Training focused on expanding access to safe, high-quality healthcare services around the world. Along with a team of global experts, she delivers consulting and training services for clients in the wellness, health, medical, and accessible travel sectors as well as hospitality services with innovative, practical, evidence-based solutions for business development and economic growth. Elizabeth promotes accreditation & certification as Regional Director for Temos International Healthcare Accreditation covering the US, Caribbean, Mexico, & Latin America.

Presentation title: “Accessible” Tourism: The Markets Hidden in Plain Sight. Why investing in accessible travel offers a ROI that also expands tourism, wellness, dental & medical tourism markets.

By updating preconceptions and stereotypes associated with “access” and “disabilities”, new opportunities to appeal to larger demographics and to create marketing advantages become clear. Increasing accessibility to destinations, services, and products create synergies in tourism, wellness travel, dental & medical tourism as well as accessible travel. Services essential to delivering positive accessible travel experiences also benefit other markets. Investing in accessible services delivers a substantial return on investment along with market differentiation.