Elizabeth Ziemba

President and Founder of Medical Tourism Training

President and Founder of Medical Tourism Training, Elizabeth Ziemba delivers consulting, training, assessment, and accreditation services for clients in the wellness, health, medical and hospitality sectors with innovative, practical, evidence-based solutions for business and economic growth. Combining education, experience and international best business practices, Ms. Ziemba helps clients build strong organizations ready to compete globally including governments, medical and dental providers, associations, facilitators, and hotels, resorts, and spas. Consulting projects include national medical tourism road maps, national & provider marketing plans, strategic planning, cluster development, and more. She has a Juris Doctorate degree and a Master’s degree in International Public Health.

Presentation title: Accreditation: What It Can and Cannot Do for Hospitals and Clinics


What is accreditation and why should healthcare providers engage in the process? Much is misunderstood about the role of accreditation in creating change for hospitals and clinics. At the core of accreditation is Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) which is designed to be a transformative process for the entire organization. From that experience, healthcare providers can improve clinical and non-clinical quality of the entire patient experience. Research shows that excellent quality of services increases the number of patients which can, in turn, increase revenues for desired growth. Misconceptions about accreditation will be explained and a framework provided for those considering accreditation for their organizations.

Workshop title: Competition within Clusters


Successful cluster members are often direct competitors who productively compete with each other, while contributing to the overall growth of the markets and the cluster.  Are organizations afraid to join the cluster because they do not want to work with competitors? Are they afraid of losing valuable employees or intellectual property to competitors? These are some of misconceptions about the role of clusters and their benefits for members. This session takes an in-depth look at the role of competition within clusters, clarifying how rivals compete within clusters and how clusters expand markets so that everyone wins. The focus will be on competition versus rivalry, differentiating to compete, and rules of fair play.