France Surgery


CEO & Co-founder of France surgery

Iulia-Maria APOSTU

Digital Project Manager

Workshop title: Going further with the continuum of care : from the early beginning to the digital health solution (Carine Briat-Hilaire)

Main Points of the Workshop:

  • Make medical travel more secure, effective and productive
  • How to assure security, effectiveness and continuum of care for the travelling patient from decision-making to the follow-up process?
  • The benefits of online telemedicine tools : prevention, second medical opinions, reducing healthcare costs, improving outcomes, consolidated lead management, risk management,
  • ePatient Kit™: the International patient management system for medical travel professionals, combining the patient-centered care with digital technology.
  • « ePatient KitTM » PRM is addressed to the entire medical travel eco”system : worldwide clinics and doctors ; international patients ; medical facilitators ; insurers ; self-funded companies and institutions. It automates processes such as: the management of contents, follow”up of files, creation of estimates, invoices and payments. It can also be used in recovery and post-operative care, as well as in the continuation of care.