Gero Graf

Co-Founder and COO of Qunomedical

Gero is Co-Founder and COO of Qunomedical which serves as a digital hub for high quality, affordable treatments at home and abroad. Quno’s service is available to patients globally with an initial focus on patients from English-speaking countries. Qunomedical has established partnerships with high-end hospitals and clinics in now 29 countries and is continuously growing its partnership base.
Before Qunomedical, Gero established Drivy’s peer-to-peer car rental service in the international markets, setting up Drivy’s first international office in Berlin and established the service in all major cities.

Before his time with Drivy, Gero was 6 years with Google in London, working as Analyst and Business Developer for the European and Middle East Markets. He crafted partnerships with companies like myTaxi, SoundCloud, Zalando, or the BBC.

Presentation title: A global patient stream turning online – the key ingredients to grow your patient base


We will show how patients in our core European markets turn from hyper-local healthcare dependencies to (inter)national healthcare choices. It will feature (anonymised) clinic case studies in the most advanced European markets which tap into this online patient stream. We will discuss patterns/levers which all ‘best-in-class’ clinics respect and get ahead. This presentation aims to explain those levers and how to replicate them.