Daniel Coulton-Shaw

Co-Founder of GCR – Global Clinic Rating, Co-Founder of Smile Clinic Slovakia

Workshop title: Clinic Reputation = Clinic Revenue

Practical steps to increase the reputation of your medical facility immediately. In this limited attendance workshop, Daniel Coulton-Shaw will guide the workshop attendees assess exactly where they are today, through a patient journey measurement tool & and a clinic reputation assessment tool. Then there will be a short discussion about and insights learnt during the session, following up with strategies & ideas they have tried, including what works and what doesn’t work for them currently. Following this, patients will use the “clinic reputation builder” tool to create a personalized roadmap with daily action steps to help them increase reputation, revenue & results over the next 90 days towards where they want to be. Participants will also have access to resources that they can take back to the clinics with them so that they stay on track over the next 90 days. This workshop is suitable for clinics owners, marketing & management teams of medium to large medical clinics to small hospitals.