Igor Čičak

CEO & Managing Partner, Provectus Capital Partners

Igor Čičak is a Managing Partner and CEO of Provectus Capital Partners (PCP).

PCP is an independent investment firm with the focus on South – East Europe and very active in the private health care space.  PCP has established Aviva Medical Group that operates with 5 health care clinics in Croatia, out of which 2 are special orthopaedic hospitals. In addition, PCP has majority ownership in Adria Dental Group – the leading chain of dental clinics and laboratories in the region.

Igor has a track record of 20+ years in executive management and private equity.

Igor is also the Founder, Supervisory board member and minority shareholder of Optimapharm, today one of the leading clinical research companies (CRO) in Europe.

Igor graduated from Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb, completed GMP program in Vienna, and finished Senior Executive Program at London Business School.

Presentation title: PROVECTUS CAPITAL PARTNERS (PCP): Leading growth capital investment firm in South East Europe

Provectus Capital Partners (PCP) is the leading investment firm in the private healthcare space in the Adriatic region. PCP provides growth capital with the aim to consolidate and integrate businesses, initiate new developments, and scale them to broader regional and /or European levels.

Year to date, PCP has invested in 9 healthcare institutions (clinics, policlinics, special hospitals) in Croatia and Slovenia, creating 2 leading regionally specialized Groups operating on the private market.

In the segment of private health care, PCP has created Aviva Medical Group which consists of 5 institutions (incl. 2 special orthopaedics hospitals).

In the area of dental care, PCP manages the leading CEE dental chain – Adria Dental Group (ADG). Currently, ADG owns 4 clinics and 4 laboratories and has cc. 350 employees, and is making more than 110K of different procedures per year.