Igor Mošič

As the CEO of N2SED Ltd.

Igor Mošič is a communicator. As the CEO of N2SED Ltd. he creates and delivers anti-stress mind training programs as well as presentation, negotiation, sales and communication skills trainings in Croatia and abroad. The main intention of trainings is eliminating needless conflicts and worries while reaching states of excellence to be able to communicate better and influence stronger.
Igor Mošič is NLP Master Practitioner and International New Code NLP Coach, trained and certified by John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) at the NLP Academy in London.
He studies Buddhist psychology and is a visitor of Tibetan Buddhist center in Dharamsala – McLeod Ganj, India.

Presentation title:

“LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE – Verbal and nonverbal communicating for healthcare professionals”


The way we communicate with others influences not only people we communicate with but also their friends and families. If we take that logic one step further, the way we communicate with others influences the whole society. Our intention with the presentation is to make a simple introduction of verbal and nonverbal communication model for healthcare professionals.
Verbal part of communicating is inspired by development of transformational linguistics and Neuro-linguistic programming.

Nonverbal part of communicating is based on neuroplasticity (cortical remapping) and conscious mirror neuron activation to induce patient’s unconscious responsiveness.
Interviewing the patient is the most commonly used medical procedure. That is why strong skills of communicating are a very desirable asset for any healthcare professional.
Achieving good patient health outcomes is the fundamental purpose of healthcare.
The main goal of our model is to enhance positive relationship between healthcare professionals communication skills and healthcare outcomes.
The basis of the model will be discussed in preliminary fashion.