Ilan Geva

Ilan Geva & Friends, USA

Ilan Geva is an international branding expert who provides consulting, teaching, training and helps in practicing and implementing all brand touchpoints. He develops and creates Brand platforms including brand vision, brand strategy, brand personality, using strategic branding solutions for many of the world’s largest corporations. His work has won over 100 industry awards around the world.

Ilan teaches Branding at the University of Chicago and Consumer Behavior and Marketing at DePaul University. He is invited to speak at many international Medical Tourism and Tourism conferences. He helped many countries, doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers solidify their brands. He worked with some of the largest and best-known Healthcare and travel brands in the US and abroad. Among them: Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Kaiser Permanente insurance-California, Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, Open System Imaging-California, Lasik Plus-Ohio, Alexian Brothers Hospital-Illinois, Swank Healthcare-Missouri, Glaxo Smith Klein & Richardson Vicks- South Africa, Bayer Aspirin-USA Gusib health tourism organization & consulting- Turkey, ME-DENT Regenerative medicine dentistry and stem cell- Croatia, Wallcott Holdings Sydney and New York, Anderson Podiatry Center – Colorado, University of Chicago Medical-Illinois, BIOSTAR Korea/Japan, and more

He helped national and state tourism organizations grow their constituencies and tourism revenue including: The Mexico Tourism Board, Lisbon Convention Bureau, Turismo de Portugal, British Tourism Authority, Hawaii Tourism Authority, Israel Ministry of Tourism, Illinois Department of Tourism, State of Iowa Tourism Division, Satour (South African Tourism), Turkish Tourism, as well as airlines, hotels and car rental firms.

Presentation title:

“Building a Destination Brand.”


Building a Destination Brand is far more than a clever name, brilliant photography, attractive logo and compelling positioning statement. The perceptions of a destination, based on outsiders’ observations, plus reliable and well-designed research studies, must include the consumer’s definition of technological sophistication, friendliness, accessibility, safety and a number of other features and qualities. Rather than trying to fit a square peg into a round space, it is best for medical travel destinations and healthcare providers to first identify or accept the dominant perception of the location and then to build and expand their Destination Brand upon and around these perceptions.