Irving Stackpole

President of Stackpole & Associates, Inc

Irving Stackpole is the President of Stackpole & Associates, Inc., a marketing, research and training firm. Since 1991, Stackpole & Associates worked collaboratively with clients to create innovative & practical solutions to the challenges in the health tourism markets.

Stackpole & Associates has established itself in the field of health tourism & medical travel working with governments, governmental agencies, professional associations, healthcare providers and tourism organizations to define markets, conduct research, establish brand identity and launch marketing efforts to attract international health travellers from around the world. He is the co-host of The Medical Travel Show with his brilliant and beautiful wife, Elizabeth Ziemba, the co-author of the Marketing Handbook for Heath Tourism and was the editor of the first book on medical tourism marketing.

Presentation title: Unlocking the health tourism lockdown

Consumers are uncertain about travel, and it remains difficult. What can we do to encourage consumers to consider health, dental and medical services? Demand is pent up, and as the travel markets begin to unlock, what can we expect?

How difficult will it be to resume elective and ambulatory procedures? For resorts, spas and other operators focused on the wellness markets, will they be able to resume “normal” business?

  • Will medical tourism ever “return to normal”?
  • As travel resumes slowly, what can we do to prepare in the health, wellness, dental & medical tourism markets?
  • Which travellers will return? What will be their concerns, and what services will they seek?
  • Which segments of these markets will return first?

These and other topics will be addressed by Irving in his presentation.