Irving Stackpole

President, Stackpole & Associates, Inc

An experienced healthcare professional, Irving Stackpole has held leadership positions for global organizations including Massachusetts General Hospital and Tenet Healthcare, as well as hundreds of consulting clients on five continents as President of Stackpole & Associates, Inc. Irving is internationally recognized for expertise in market research and marketing to expand access to healthcare. He is widely published and is quoted in leading news channels such as the Financial Times, The New York Times, Forbes and others. In addition, Mr. Stackpole holds appointments with several European and US universities and a Patent in digital healthcare technology from the United States Trademark and Patents Office.

Presentation title: The Hybrid Future of Medical Tourism

The brief history of health & medical tourism focuses on people traveling from one location to another to access and consume health, wellness, dental and medical services. The pandemic-related shutdown of regional travel has shown how vulnerable these markets are.  And healthcare worker shortages are wreaking havoc. People still want or need these services, but how will they access them? Digital communications, remote patient monitoring technologies, telehealth and telemedicine, remote learning, and skills transfer point the way to a hybrid future in the markets for cross-border trade in health, wellness, dental, and medical tourism.