Jean-Guy de Gabriac

Founder of the World Wellness Weekend (WWW)

Jean-Guy is an award-winning advisor & educator specialized in guest experience, founder of World Wellness Weekend (WWW) celebrated in 129 countries (18-19 Sept, 2021) and supported by 60 organizations. In alignment with the UNITED NATIONS’ 3rd SDG “Good Health & Wellbeing for All”, WWW connects wellness enthusiasts to professionals near them (geolocator in 16 languages People are inspired and empowered with healthy lifestyles through safe, free and fun activities and exciting special offers.

Jean-Guy also serves as conference producer of World Spa & Wellness Conventions (London & Dubai), acts as the chair of the “Supporting the UNs 17 SDGs” (Global Wellness Institute), board member of the International Massage Association, and is a judge for the World Spa & Wellness Awards. To date, he contributed over 300 articles to various media.

Presentation title: Let’s Make a World of a Difference

Join Jean-Guy de Gabriac, the award-winning Spa & Wellness advisor since 2001 and founder of World Wellness Weekend, an event celebrated in 133 countries worldwide in alignment with the United Nations’ 3rd Sustainable Development Goal: “Good Health & Wellbeing for All”.

This fast-paced 15-minute presentation will highlight how wellness is on almost everybody’s mind: travellers, hoteliers, real-estate promoters, mayors and ministers of tourism.

Learn how you can become agents of change and transformation with leverage on a global scale to encourage people around you to become the best version of themselves.

See how hospitality and tourism professionals are enhancing their value proposition and client experience to do good, do well and do better.