Keith Pollard

Managing Editor of International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ), CEO of Intuition Communication

Keith is one of Europe’s leading experts on medical tourism and cross border healthcare, attending and contributing to major conferences across the world on the subject. He has been responsible for many initiatives in the sector including the first patient guide to the EU Directive on Cross Border Healthcare, a Code of Practice for Medical Tourism, a Good Practice Score for Cross Border Reproductive Healthcare, and research into patient experiences of medical tourism and an initiative to collect meaningful data in this emerging market. He is responsible for the development of consumer-focused medical tourism sites such as Treatment Abroad, and the B2B publication, IMTJ – International Medical Travel Journal. Through his IMTJ Blog, he provides valuable insight into the medical travel business. His career has embraced the pharmaceutical industry, the marketing and management of private hospitals in the UK and internationally, and consultancy, research and feasibility studies for healthcare ventures.

Presentation title:

“The medical tourism destination – the secret of success and the recipe for failure”


Across the globe, countries, regions and cities have clambered aboard the medical tourism bandwagon and attempted to establish themselves as a medical tourism destination. Governments, tourism and health boards have invested heavily in destination promotion. But, most destination initiatives have failed to meet the ambitious expectations of their proponents. Lack of understanding of the market, poor targeting and a confused strategy have been the key factors. The presentation will consider why so many destinations get it wrong, and the fundamentals that need to be in place to get it right.