Kristina Laco

Managing partner at Communications Office Colić, Laco & Partners

Kristina holds a master’s degree in international economics and management from Bocconi University, Milan. She is a leading Croatian expert in strategic communications management with years of experience in the media, corporate and agency sectors. Kristina has led the communication aspect of numerous projects that have characterized Croatian social and economic scene over the past two decades and has been the leading crisis communication advisor in major domestic and regional crisis situations. She regularly advises clients on issues management, stakeholder relations and public affairs. Kristina is also a communication coach to some of the most respected business and political figures. She teaches at Bernay’s University and is the co-author of two books in the field of public relations.

Presentation title: Five Crisis Communication Lessons from Major Crisis Situations

Crisis is by definition always an unexpected event, but this fact does not mean that we cannot get ready for when something unexpected hits us. Because the question is not if something unexpected, maybe even catastrophic, will hit us. The only question is – when is it going to happen? From a multitude of different crisis situation, ranging from strikes and accidents with fatal consequences to collapses of huge companies and, most recently, staying in business in a pandemic, this presentation brings in the shortest possible format some of the lessons learned. Five memorable key takeaways will help your business both to get better prepared for the unexpected and to get alive out of it when it hits.