Lejla Pock

Lejla Pock, the CEO and the visionary behind the Styrian Human Technology Cluster, is an ardent advocate for the industry. As a partner at Austin, Pock + Partners, a renowned technology consultancy, she has led a number of groundbreaking cluster initiatives. Her multiple roles as an entrepreneur, startup pioneer and consultant highlight her deep expertise in the field. Since moving to Graz in 1993, the Croatian-born entrepreneur has become an integral part of the dynamic heart of the Styrian capital.

Presentation title: Innovative Health Technologies and the Role of Human Technology Styria Cluster

This lecture delves into the powerful synergy between health technologies and the influential role of companies within the Human Technology Styria Cluster. Exploring breakthroughs like telemedicine, AI diagnostics, and wearable health tech, it showcases their potential to revolutionize personalized care and patient outcomes. The lecture emphasizes how companies in the Human Technology Styria Cluster are driving these advancements, thus creating opportunities for growth and collaboration. The presentation will offer those professionals seeking to navigate this transformative landscape valuable insights into the pivotal role of the Human Technology Styria Cluster in shaping the future of healthcare.