Marcel Medak, univ. spec. oec

director of Daruvar spa Special hospital for medical rehabilitation

My name is Marcel Medak. I was born october 22, 1972 in Metković. In june 1996 years I graduated from the Faculty of Kinesiology and became master of kinesiology. Additionally I was educated at Multidisciplinary Study of Health Tourism at University of Rijeka from 2012-2015 and became a Specialist medical tourism, univ.spec.oec.
I am director of Daruvar spa Special hospital for medical rehabilitation seven years.
The president of Community Health Tourism in Croatian Chamber of Economy since 2011.
Member of Parliament HTZ BBC ahead of 2012.
Member of the Tourism Council HTZ of 2016
Secretary cluster thermal Croatia at the Ministry of Health RH
Participate in the work UPUHH and UPUZ
I am a member of the executive board EHTTA (European Historical Thermal Town Association), the association of European historical thermal cities based in Brusellu.


• EHTTA Daruvar termal spa is sustainable development project of Daruvar spa through the current status and goals set in the near future. It shows thinking administration in direction of :
• Increasing the accommodation capacity from the current 160 rooms to 250 rooms in the categories of accommodation of 3+ and 4 –star healing hotel by international standards
• Separation of the provision of services for patients across the Health insurance Fund from the other guests
• Securing energy independence through the use of renewable energy – heat of geothermal water for heating and cooling
• Buildings that are culturally historically protected, rebuild under the direction of conservation departments and put them in economic function .
• Expanding its offer through health, cultural , sporting and gastronomic tourism