Marek Hołówko

CEO & Co-Founder, Clinic Hunter

Marek Hołówko is the CEO & Co-Founder of Clinic Hunter, a medical tourism marketplace. Clinic Hunter is a leader in Poland and the region, helping patients from the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, and others to find treatment abroad. Before Clinic Hunter, Marek has been working in several consulting companies, mainly in Deloitte Business Consulting, implementing strategic projects in Poland, Switzerland, the UK, and others.

Presentation title: How to increase conversion rate – best practices and tips

The presentation is entitled: How to increase conversion rate – best practices and tips. It explains why proper communication is a key aspect in the sales process for medical tourism agencies and international clinics. Showing an example of Clinic Hunter company and its practice, we discuss the importance of communication and its influence on a conversion rate and business success.

The first part of the presentation focuses on showing the benefits of proper communication in a sales phase. We present Clinic Hunter experience and its way to achieve the satisfying level of communication with international clients as well as show the important statistics in this aspect. It gives useful tips for agencies and clinics competing in the medical tourism market. We present main aspects of effective communication which help convince a patient to use the offered service and make a patient re-use the offered service in the future if need be. The tips we show in this part of the presentation are connected not only to the communication process but also to products and solutions we can use to stand out among competitors.

The second part of the presentation is dedicated to medical travel insurance, which is not very popular, hence can be a great advantage of a clinic or medical tourism agency. After Covid-19 pandemic, this extra service can increase the conversion rate even more. We present Clinic Hunter experience and contribution to popularizing this product and show the advantages of this service both for companies and clients.