Maria Antonietta Princivalle

Founder & CEO of BookingsMed

CEO of the health travel platform that matches European health service providers and Italian agencies and facilitators. Co-founder of World Fine Selections, Italian tour-operator and event organiser in the luxury and health travel niche. President of the Italian Association for the Promotion of Medical and Thermal Tourism (AIPTM). Expert in marketing strategy, brand management and digital solutions.

Presentation title: Italian Market trends and Bookingsmed

What are the requests from the Italian market in the field of medical tourism?

How does our insurance system work: private insurance, public insurance?

A cross-section of the market demand in Italy shows that the most required specialties are related to respiratory diseases, physical rehabilitation, thermal and medical spas packages, dental services, aesthetics, in vitro fertilization, hair transplantation and health support programmes, including medical wellness.

BookingsMed it is a health travel marketplace, both B2B and B2C. It primarily connects Italian travel agents and facilitators with healthcare service providers in Italy and abroad. The platform is now open to foreign travel agencies, facilitators and service providers who wish to set new partnerships and establish the flow of patients from Italy. The platform emerged after matching buyers and sellers through specialized health travel B2B meetings and events held in Italy since 2016.