dr.sc. Mate Car

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia

Mate Car, PhD, is a Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia and an Honorary Lecturer at Imperial College London, with a passion to combine his academic, managerial and policy experience to achieve a synergic effect and the best results. He was previously also the special Adviser to the Minister of Health (for Finances) and an Assistant Director at the Croatian Institute for Telemedicine. He is appointed by the Ministry of Health to lead the Working group responsible for creating the Croatian national development strategy for the health sector till 2030.

His main interests are in the complex interactions within the health system and taking a structured approach to address various issues.

Presentation title: The interactions of policy, strategy & health tourism


Croatia’s Ministry of Health has in the last year and a half undertaken numerous activities to bolster the health tourism sector and to position Croatia as a health tourism destination. First key step was improving communication and increasing transparency with stakeholders. New legislation in 2019 opened the opportunity to create a working group of key stakeholders and to pass the Ordinance on the health services provided in health tourism. The ongoing work focuses on international institutional cooperation, establishing a certification framework for health services in Croatia, creating a map of Croatia’s health tourism potentials and a development strategy.