Michael Wallace

Medical Spa & Wellness Expert, Consultant, Speaker, Lecturer

For more than twenty years Michael Wallace has worked in the health, wellness and medical tourism industries specializing in hot spring/thermal medical spas. He provides specialist advice on thermal/hot spring, wellness and medical spas in addition to his role as the Medical Tourism Expert for the Hungarian Tourist Agency. A recognised international speaker, Michael also lectures at several colleges and universities on health tourism/spa management and contributes articles for various spa and health publications. Michael has co-written a book on Health and Wellness and is a founding member of the Global Thermal Think Tank.

Title of the presentation: Essential Factors In The Development Of A Successful Health Destination


The health tourism industry is becoming more and more competitive and Europe has an abundance and increasing amount of health destinations to choose from. The most successful of these destinations have certain factors essential to their success. This presentation will cover the key products, services and strategic approaches required in the development of a successful health destination, the challenges that health destinations currently face and future trends to look out for.