Milena Peršić, Ph.D., Full Professor

Doctor of economic sciences and full professor in tenure 

Milena Peršić is doctor of economic sciences and full professor in tenure (field of Accounting), author or co-author of a more than 200 scientific and professional contributions in journals, conferences proceedings, books and projects. She is a head of the postgraduate specialist study “Health Tourism”, jointly organized by FMTU Opatija, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Philosophic Rijeka, University of Rijeka and, the scientific project „Integrated Reporting as a Source of Information in Assessing Recognisability and Competitiveness of the Destination Health-Tourism Product “, as well as  Vice-President of the Scientific Council at the “Referral center for health tourism and medical programmed holiday, Croatian Ministry of Health. Also had experience in the company’s management in tourism and hotel business, and winner of several awards and prizes, as well as the Croatian Order for the application of science in practice.

Presentation title: Quality and competitiveness of Kvarner’s health tourism services   


The paper will present the results of survey users’ attitudes on the achieved level of quality and competitiveness of health tourism at Kvarner tourism destination. Their attitudes will be compared to the previous research results that are based on responsible management perception as the providers of health tourism services in the Kvarner health tourism institutions. Following the goals defined in strategic documents, globally accepted trends, EU scenarios and best practice the research results will be viewed. The emphasis is on designing a recognizable destination’s health-tourism product that will position Kvarner tourism destination as a recognizable “health destination” on the target tourism market.