Miroslav Varga

Google certified trainer at Escape Ltd.

Miroslav Varga is one of the few Google certified trainers in the region and the only certified trainer in the world in the status of grandfather. Perhaps this is the best description of how long he has been in this industry and how much he has had the opportunity to make mistakes so far. Fortunately, he learned something from his mistakes and shares his experiences with the participants at seminars and conferences without any hesitation.

He has a lot of experience in health tourism, primarily in dental services.

Presentation title: Covid-19 influence on health tourism

Health tourism, like any other form of tourism, experienced a significant disruption during the COVID-19 blockades and restrictions. But perhaps COVID-19 accelerated some processes that had long been noticed, but the cost of neglect was relatively acceptable.

Now the cost of neglect has increased exponentially and it is very important to understand today’s user. Perhaps the most noticeable phenomenon in digital behaviour is the transition of the average user from the previous FOMO (fear of missing out) to FOLE (fear of losing everything). He will talk about this in his presentation.