Miroslav Varga

Google certified trainer, Escape Ltd.

Miroslav Varga is one of the few Google-certified trainers in Croatia and probably the only expert in online advertising with the status of a fivefold grandfather in the world. He selflessly shares his rich experience at conferences and professional gatherings, because he mostly gained his experience through mistakes and omissions in this relatively new field. which develops on the go.

Presentation title: Patients are people. Do we know people?

We are advertising our products or services to people all over the place. But do we know people? Do we understand and embrace in our campaigns people’s behaviour?

Behavioural science has been on a strong rise in recent years. Along with it, a relatively new branch of mathematics is also developing, The Game Theory, because it is the study of mathematical models of strategic interactions among rational agents.

Although I will not deal with the Game Theory in my presentation, I will draw the attention of the participants to several behavioural problems that we mostly ignore or do not know about.

But I have to warn you – this lecture could shake your mindset about doing business or advertising. If you don’t want this to happen to you, maybe it’s better to avoid listening or participating. All others are welcome.