Miroslav Varga

PPC quality control manager at Escape Ltd.

Miroslav Varga is a search engine and online advertising specialist, with in-depth knowledge of Google’s AdWords and Google’s Analytics. A TEDx speaker, multilingual, experienced and specialized in account optimization. He loves statistical analysis and data mining. As a lateral thinker, his passion is to figure out the key message data provides trying to understand the context of that data.
He’s one of several Google AdWords Certified Trainers – GCT in the Region. There are more than 60.000 employees in Google and about 1000 GTC’s worldwide. He teaches online marketing as a visiting lecturer at several Universities and institutions. Although being the only Google AdWords certified Trainer and GAIQ Grandfather in the Region, he’s a honest, funny and warm person with a wide range of interest.

Presentation title:



A lot of money is invested in advertising products and services for health care and health preservation. At the same time, users are googleing about solutions or alternatives for their condition (or imaginary condition).
This kind of behavior can be used in optimizing advertising budgets in different Countries. In this presentation will be shown real time and online how to use Google’s free or paid datasets to measure, learn, understand and optimize your online and offline advertising campaigns.