Nikica Gabrić

Founder and director of the eye clinics Svjetlost

Professor Nikica Gabrić ophthalmologist and an entrepreneur was born in 1961. in Metković, Croatia. He received his medical degree from the Medical school of the Universty of Zagreb in 1984. He got his Master of science degree in 1988. and finished his a residency in ophthalmology during 1989. During 1997. he finished the postdoctoral studies and in the year 2000. he became an assistant professor for the Medical school of the University of Rijeka. Since 2009. he is a full-time professor at the Medical school in Rijeka.

In 1998. he founded and has since operated as the director of the now chain of ophthalmological eye clinics named Svjetlost. Currently, Svjetlost has, in addition to its headquarters in Zagreb, subsidiaries in Split, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Novi Sad, Budva, and Skopje that employ over 150 people out of which over 50 ophthalmologists.

During his rich career, he has published over 400 articles in domestic and foreign magazines including 4 books, he performed over 40 000 eye surgeries most of them being cataract surgery, laser vision correction, corneal transplants, strabismus, and glaucoma surgeries. He served as an instructor for European and American companies that brought him to over 17 different countries and over 50 operating theaters where he performed surgery. Out of all the surgeons from this part of Europe, he is the only surgeon to have performed surgery in the famous S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery center.

Presentation title: University Eye Hospital Svjetlost – from a single practitioner office to an international  chain of eye care centers


Svjetlost started its life in 1998. with no more than 3 employees in just 150 square meters, today Svjetlost is the only privately held international ophthalmological chain in South Eastern Europe with clinics in Zagreb, Split, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Novi Sad, Budva and Skopje with over 150 employees. During the last 20 years, Svjetlost has become the most recognizable private healthcare medical brand in South Eastern Europe, this is based on the latest technology but founded on principles held by the owner and founder prof. Nikica Gabrić, MD, Ph.D. that are embedded in every single employee of Svjetlost, treating each and every patient as if they are a family member. Recognition of Svjetlost isn’t just regional, as over 30% of all patients in Svjetlost are from Western countries. The constant strive for perfection and excellent service has resulted in over 125 000 patients having surgery in the Svjetlost chain. Each and every patient that went through Svjetlost becomes an ambassador for Svjetlost but also Croatian medical services, be it locally or all around the world.