Ognjen Bagatin

CEO of Poliklinika Bagatin

Ognjen Bagatin is a 36-year old CEO of Poliklinika Bagatin (Bagatin Clinic). After graduating from the School of Economics at the University of Zagreb he takes a huge step of pursuing an MBA. He earned his MBA at Cotrugli Business School and began his career as an assistant to the board of the Pastor group. In 2008 he started working in the family clinic that had only two employees and began with its fast growth and development. According to Deloitte, Bagatin Clinic is one of the fastest growing small and medium-sized medical institutions. Currently the clinic has 90 employees in two locations in the center of Zagreb and the opening of a new branch is planned for the beginning of 2019 in Split.  As the director of the clinic he encourages the development of corporate entrepreneurship, project management and the development of soft skills in the medical segment through Bagatin Academy, an educational project he helped design and implement. With extensive knowledge and understanding of the private health system and with continuous work on his personal development in the fields of management, sales, marketing and leadership, he encourages the development of a positive corporate culture, the development of the clinic itself and with dedication serves as positive example and role model to all employees.

Today, besides being the CEO of his own company, he is also a member of the President Board of MBA Croatia, member of the Medical Tourism Council at the Croatian Chamber of Economy and member of the executive board of Croatian Employers Association for private clinics, hospitals, health resorts and health care facilities. He is a consultant for 15 clinics across Europe (from Czech Republic to Bulgaria) and Croatia in the field of cosmetic surgery, dermatology and dentistry. He is dedicating a lot of his effort on positioning Bagatin Clinic, Zagreb and Croatia as top destinations for medical tourism based on the highest quality of medical care. He is attending numerous seminars, conferences and summits related to Health Care and Medical Tourism, participating in panels and giving lectures on marketing and branding, employee education and internal process in Bagatin Clinic. He is married and lives in Zagreb.

Presentation title: Building your reputation online


Bagatin Clinic’s CEO, Ognjen Bagatin, will share his insights and his experience in building the brand of his private Clinic in Zagreb. Learn more about growing your brand by using digital marketing and how it helped Bagatin Clinic become the #1 private clinic in Croatia and the region with a 5-star customer service level. Everything you do is branding. You build your reputation through everything you do. Your brand are your people, your facilities, your marketing strategy, your accreditations and awards. Join us as Ognjen presents guidelines and directions on how to grow your brand and increase your visibility by introducing his marketing strategy that has positioned his clinic on the world map of health tourism thus triggering Clinic’s growth in revenue.