Ognjen Bagatin

CEO of Poliklinika Bagatin

Ognjen Bagatin is the CEO of Poliklinika Bagatin, one of the fastest growing small and medium-sized medical institutions which currently has 115 employees in two locations in Zagreb and one in Split. With his extensive knowledge and understanding of the private health system, he is a consultant for 20 clinics across Europe and Croatia in the field of cosmetic surgery, dermatology and dentistry. He is a member of the President Board of MBA Croatia, member of the Medical Tourism Council at the Croatian Chamber of Economy and member of the executive board of Croatian Employers Association for private clinics, hospitals and health care facilities.

Presentation title: European Patient experience & Innovation Congress


In EU we see health as an integral part of our social and economic life. We share the value of universal access to quality healthcare at an affordable cost to individuals and society. We can decide to become the global incubator for innovations in the relationships and experiences of patients with their healthcare and technology providers.

Technology solutions increase patients’ security, effectiveness and efficiency of treatments, and the quality of the medical outcomes. Building trust and profound communication between patients and medical providers changes patients’ expectations and attitudes, from respectful acceptance to engaged partnership.

EPIC and Bagatin Clinic, with experts from Cleveland Clinic as international presenter, IBM Watson, Google Health, Disney Institute, WHO, GCR and many others, will help you share, set, and envision the direction of our EU health future. See you on 19th-20th of March 2020 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.