Ognjen Bagatin

Owner and CEO, Polyclinic Sinteza

Ognjen Bagatin, owner and CEO of the Polyclinic Sinteza for otorhinolaryngology, aesthetic surgery and medicine, gynecology and speech therapy, is also a co-owner of the Bagatin Clinic, a private clinic for aesthetic surgery, dentistry, dermatology and cosmetology, and a co-owner of the Poduzetnik media platform for entrepreneurs. He completed an MBA program at Cotrugli Business School and began his career as an assistant board member in the Pastor Group, where he went through all phases of managing diverse teams. In 2008, he transferred his knowledge and skills to the family clinic, which at that time had only 2 employees. Its growth and development have been his absolute priority for years, and 115 employees of the Bagatin clinic today are showing their successful knowledge and effort.

Presentation title: The patient will see you now – what UX and UI can teach us about anticipating patients expectations

  • Changing the culture of „medical paternalism“ – case study
  • Human touch vs. Raising productivity
  • Designing users’ (doctor and patient) experience – problems and solutions
  • What UI teaches us about aesthetic experience of a (digital) product
  • What skills do you need to train and develop?