Oslo University Hospital

Ingrid Herder

MD, DTM&H, specialist in Rheumatology.

Has been working with rheumatology at Oslo university hospital since 2005. Has also experience from international work with MSF. Working at Section for Climate Therapy at Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet in Norway since 2016.

Harald Platou

Head of Office at the International Centre, Staff of the CEO

He has for the latest 14 years been a National Legal Advisor for matters regarding Patient Mobility and are responsible for Collaboration Agreements and contracts between the Norwegian Regional Health Authorities and health institutions abroad. He is also the National Contact Point in Norway for the European Association of Health Law (EAHL).

Workshop title: The Norwegian Programme for Climate Therapy abroad – what processes needs to be accomplished for a business partnership between Oslo University Hospital and foreign medical institutions.


Section for Climate Therapy at Oslo University Hospital in Norway have a long tradition sending patients for an intensive therapy program in a Mediterranean climate. In this workshop we will give further information about the Section for Climate Therapy, which is funded by the Norwegian government. We will explain what we need from a foreign therapy center, and go through the processes that need to be accomplished to get a business partnership with us. The next invitation to tender will be published late 2019. Tenders are announced through DOFFIN and TED (database for public procurement). We will explain what we need from tenderers, and use our last requirement specification as an example. We will explain about mandatory and evaluation requirements.