Pero Kuterovac

Conditional and strength coach

Pero Kuterovac graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education, University of Zagreb, in 1997.

As a conditional and strength coach in water polo, he goes through all the national team selections as a conditional and strength, and in the end, he becomes the conditional and strength coach of the senior national team in 2012, a job he continues to this day.

As a conditional and strength coach, he continuously works with numerous top teams: Croatian Water Polo National Team, Croatian Women’s and Men’s Handball National Team, HAVK Mladost, ŽRK Lokomotiva and numerous top athletes: Damir Martin, Born Goja, Bojan Bogdanović, Mario Todorović, a number of top Croatian soccer players, volleyball players and many others. In his work so far, as a swimming coach and fitness coach, he has won six Olympic medals, more than 10 world medals and more than 20 medals at European championships in several sports.

He gave numerous lectures as a guest lecturer at seminars and congresses for swimming and fitness coaches all over the world and is the winner of numerous awards.