Simone Zagrodnik

Executive Director, European Historic Thermal Towns Association

Simone studied business and tourism at the Cologne Business School (Cologne, Germany), graduating in 2002. With a specialisation in destination marketing and with a special interest in eco-tourism, she worked for tour operators and companies in Germany and Northern Thailand, before she started working as marketing manager in the German town of Wiesbaden, known as the “world spa city of the 19th century”. Between 2008 and 2020 Simone was the Head of Marketing and Deputy Managing Director with Wiesbaden Congress & Marketing GmbH. This is where she discovered her enthusiasm for the thermal heritage in Europe. After having engaged and participated in the development of the European Historic Thermal Towns Association from a members’ perspective for almost a decade, Simone was appointed as Executive Director of EHTTA in 2020.

Presentation title: “Thermal Travels” – Spa Towns as Places of Health, Wellbeing and Culture

With almost 50 members in 18 countries the European Historic Thermal Towns Association (EHTTA) has three members in Croatia: Daruvar, Lipik and Varaždinske Toplice. The association is certified as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe and as such it has developed a number of activities to promote spa towns with their potential as tourism product in both, health and cultural tourism.

One of the latest activities has just won the “Best Practices Award 2022” among the Cultural Routes: In the early summer the European Route of Historic Thermal Towns ran an online awareness-raising and promotional campaign with the motto “Thermal Travels – Immerse yourself in the spa culture of Europe” in central European countries and North America. In Crikvenica we will share some interesting data from the social media campaigns in public for the first time!