Sponsors 2017.

Golden sponsors:

Croatian National Tourist Board

THE CROATIAN NATIONAL TOURIST BOARD (CNTB) is a national tourist organization founded with a view to promoting and creating the identity, and to enhance the reputation of, Croatian tourism. The mission also includes the planning and implementation of a common strategy and the conception of its promotion, proposal and the performance of promotional activities of mutual interest for all subjects in tourism in the country and abroad, as well as raising the overall quality of the whole range of tourist services on offer in the Republic of Croatia.

Jadran d.d.- Crikvenica

Outstanding experience of the sea within the nature and cultural and historical heritage will turn your stay into magic.
We are famous for our hospitality and with more than 50 years of tradition in tourism, we are expecting you with a wide range of quality accomodation. The accomodation in our hotels and campsites will offer you the vacation that you dreamed of.
Whether you will spend your holiday with your family, as a couple or with friends and no matter how old you are, you will find many different facilities for your perfect stay.

Get to know the Riviera Crikvenica and discover its destinations Crikvenica, Dramalj and Jadranovo.
Check out our offer and ensure the best place for a perfect holiday…

Silver sponsors:

Primorje-Gorski kotar County

Primorje-Gorski Kotar County borders in the north with the Republic of Slovenia, in the west with Istra County, in the east with the Counties of Karlovac and Lika-Senj, while in the south-east, at the Gate of Kvarner, it has a naval borderline with Zadar County. The County also includes a part of the territorial waters with the state boundary located some 22km south-west of the island of Susak. The Primorje-Gorski Kotar area is divided into three regions – the mountainous, the coastal and the island region – with the overall area of 3,588 km2 or 6.3% of the total national territory.

City of Rijeka – Regional Capital of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County with a population of 128.624 is third in size City in the Republic of Croatia – after City of Zagreb (790.017) and City of Split (178.102).

The least populated City in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is City of Cres with a population of 2.879, and the least populated Municipality is Brod Moravice with a population of 866.

Kvarner Region Tourism Board


The Kvarner region has been known for health tourism since the late 19th century, when, as part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, certain spots were proclaimed as “climatic health resorts”. Baths, spas, hotels and even a railway line from Vienna were developed to access the Kvarner coast and islands in the name of health tourism. Visitors to the Kvarner region will find spas and wellness centres offering treatments used by the ancient Greeks and Romans – and a few more contemporary ones.

On a further level of medical tourism, wide range of clinics, policlinics, dental clinics and thalassotherapy centres combines the highly qualified medical teams, modern equipment and various specialities: from orthopaedics, rehabilitation to dermatology and hundreds more. Cosmetic surgery and dental implant clinics are of a very high standard with residents from neighbouring countries having regular treatments.

Spend a week or two each year on your health and change your daily environment for a while to enjoy the diversity of services offered.

It’s time to discover Kvarner – Croatia’s best kept secret.

Virtualno 360

Virtual 360° is a digital media company that helps organizations present the uniqueness and essence of their location or space. We create custom virtual tour and VR solutions. We are dedicated to facilitating access to any virtual reality marketing company. Our line of solutions works for any business, whether you build content for the web, mobile devices, or build VR experience for business presentations. Virtual 360° will photograph your business and create an interactive 360° virtual tour that will be upgraded to Google search results, desktop and mobile apps Google Maps.

Čorkez Taxi and Tourism Services

To all our customers we provide best quality service, with a focus on individual approach and their requirements.

For individual and group transfers we provide vehicles of all categories, taking special attention to the safety and satisfaction of passengers. All our client’s needs related to transfers are swiftly fulfilled. Our drivers have many years of professional experience and our prices are among the most competitive in the market. We can arrange all additional services related to transfers or transportation.

For any questions relating to transfers, please contact us, we will give you a quote within 24 hours.