Stjepan Orešković, PHD

Scientist and entrepreneur, M+ Group

Prof. Stjepan Orešković is a successful businessman and scientist. His company M+ Group has grown into a global player and is the second largest employer in Croatia with more than 11,000 people and operates in 62 world markets. His most recent investment is in one of the most innovative business schools in Europe—the IEDC Bled School of Management.

He is a tenured professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb. In his long professional career he taught or led international project with international universities such as Harvard, IUPU, UCSF, LSE, LSHMT, Ljubljana, Sorbonne and Bocconi among others. He is the Principal Investigator of Pfizer’s Global Grand Project. He is best known for his projects fostering innovative health care interventions.

He was featured in the leading international media, including Huffington Post, Reuters, CNN, BBC, NBC, and RTL, among others.

Presentation title: Entrepreneurship in healthcare