Velimir Srića

Lecturer, researcher, politician and consultant

Velimir Srića earned an MS in Electrical Engineering, an MBA from Columbia University, New York, and a PhD in Information Systems Management. His professional life is dedicated to education, research, politics, and consulting. As a member of the European Academy of Arts and Sciences, he is involved in teaching and research all over the world from Central and Eastern Europe to Asia and the USA. As a politician, he was a member of the Croatian government, a recipient of the Eisenhower Fellowship, and a Croatian representative to UNESCO and OECD. As a leadership, innovation management, and digital transformation consultant he served as the World Bank expert on change management. He published 76 books, over 400 professional papers, and a few hundred columns in popular magazines.

Presentation title: Strategic Harmony: Response to a Global Wake-Up Call

The lecture is based on my new book „Empower Us: Form Crisis to Strategic Harmony“, Kitsap Publishing, 2020 (co-author Ira Kaufman). The book is a deep dive into fixing and transforming the broken world. It is dedicated to those who want to reinvent the world, propel The New Harmony, driven by universal values and a higher ethical compass, digital technologies, and sustainable business practices. It is for those who want to transform a business or an organization; to catalyse change; or to disrupt outdated, unresponsive policies in healthcare, ecology, education, government, economics, or other institutions. The short lecture will focus on the key ideas, challenges and application of the Strategic Harmony model in health and tourism industries.