Željko Rotim, PhD, DMD

President of the Croatian Sociaty for Esthetic Medicine

Born in 1964, Željko Rotim, DDS, MSc, graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Zagreb in 1988. In 1992, the Rotim Clinic began operating, which later became the Rotim Medical Center Clinic for Aesthetic Dentistry and Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine. In 2018 he completed TEOXANE AESTHETIC ACADEMY in Geneva and became Teoxane Country Expert and Opinion leader for Teoxane for Croatia and Slovenia. Dr. Rotim is the co-founder and president of the Croatian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, a professional society of the Croatian Medical Association that deals with non-surgical and minimally invasive methods of aesthetic medicine. He is also the founder and president of the Medical Esthetic Institute – the initiator and organizer of numerous trainings in the country and the region.

Presentation title: Aesthetic medicine in health tourism


With all the changes that today’s world brings, the attention to the body, appearance, and well-being started to come to the very forefront. The development of the tourism market is highly determined by new trends and consumer needs, so it has caused that in health tourism a new segment comes to place – the aesthetic medicine tourism. As the president of the Croatian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, dr. Rotim will talk in his presentation about aesthetic medicine, as a branch of medical aesthetology. He will show the whole process of development of aesthetic tourism and point out its place in health tourism, overall.