Sandeep Sharma

Sandeep Sharma is the Executive Director & Founder of Vmarsh Healthcare, a consulting firm focused on healthcare strategy, quality/performance improvement & transaction advisory services. Vmarsh operates through offices across Dubai, Chicago, Kuala Lumpur, Cairo & Mumbai as well as through 11 partner offices across Europe and Central/South Americas. In addition, Sandeep is a member of the Board and Chairman of the Strategy Committee for the European Fertility Society. Also, he is an Advisory Board Member for the Standards Committee for Global Healthcare Accreditation in the USA. Sandeep has led multiple business advisory, expansion strategy, operational/clinical excellence & transformation projects, and also filled business leadership roles across six continents. He holds an MBA in marketing from Sydney, Australia and is a graduate in biotechnology from India. He lived and was educated in the UK, India, Singapore, Australia, now residing in the UAE.

Presentation title: Humanising Healthcare in the Digital Age with Medical Travel in Perspective

While on a daily basis we hear about the advancement of AI/robotics/big data, technologies leaping ahead and breaking barriers in medicine and healthcare, one must take a moment to reflect on retaining the humane factor in healthcare. After all the human touch and nurturing are themselves bestowed with powers in the process of healing. Whether you are regulator in a government entity, a health provider (hospital or clinic) or work as a C-suite, clinician, nurse, admin or ground staff, or are associated with medical travel and wellness fields, either way, you have an imperative for possessing humane empathy for patients/medical tourists, customers and/or stakeholders. In my presentation I will focus on how different stakeholders within the healthcare, wellness or medical travel industry play a forefront role in balancing the use of new technologies and advancements to boost organisational development/growth in their companies, while at the same time maintaining sight of the humane factor, so as to create a true and satisfactory patient outcome and experience.